How To Make a Living Using WordPress

Templated #3WordPress is considered one of the most popular website building and publishing platform. A WordPress blog can help you get some good returns on your investment. Blogging has been one of the most popular phenomenon on the Internet for a long time. However, if you want to earn a profit from a WordPress blog, there are some things you should consider. It is important to consider your interests and popular subjects while choosing a niche. It is very important to do a thorough research about the subjects that are most talked about.

Once you have decided a particular niche, you will have to buy a domain name and hosting service. It is possible to create a WordPress blog on your own or choose a professional for designing and optimizing the blog. Once you have set up the blog and installed it, you will need to fill it with original and meaningful content. After this, you will need to promote your blog and choose one of the effective ways to start making money.

Here are just a few ways to make money using WordPress:

Creating and Selling Plugins, Themes – Though this does not fall in the blog category, you can still use this method to earn a good amount of money. WordPress themes and plugins are an easy way to get an excellent return on your money, time and efforts. You can create plugins and themes, promote them, and sell them for money to people looking for such additional features on their WordPress blogs. Since WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, there’s a huge market for plugins and themes.

WordPress Consulting – This is another good way to earn money with WordPress. If you are an expert in using WordPress, you can create tutorials and sell them on the Internet. You can also help clients design exceptional WordPress websites and blogs. Consulting services can get you a good return on your investment. Once you become an expert authority in the niche, you’re even able to start earning offline by giving lectures and presentations. In the beginning, you can provide customers with free setup services. This helps you build trust and loyalty among potential customers. Over time, you can introduce paid services. read more…

Why WordPress is the Number One CMS in the World

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Quick, op question: What do TechCrunch, BBC America, and the New Yorker have in common? No, it’s not the fact that these companies are all pioneers in their respective industries and are common household names that rake in six figures or more of profit yearly.

The answer is quite simple, especially if you’re a keen-eyed netizen. All three rely on WordPress for their website needs. In the last half-decade, WordPress has gone from being a mere blogging platform (in the style of Google’s Blogger or LiveJournal) preferred by geeks alone and into a full-featured content management system that is used by more than 70 million websites all over the world. It is estimated that one-fourth of the Internet’s top 10 million most visited sites use WordPress for content management.

A Quick History:

To say that WordPress changed the Internet is actually undermining the huge impact that this tool had on the online community. It did not merely changed the Internet— it REVOLUTIONIZED it. Before WordPress, websites and blogs would have to be coded from scratch. At the very least, people would need to have at least amateur-level HTML skills to get their sites off the ground. While Blogger and LiveJournal were blogging platforms that were in vogue back in the day, their features were pretty limited.

WordPress’s beginnings were simple. The tool was actually an offshoot of an earlier blogging software called b2/cafelog, which was popular in the early 2000s. After development on b2 stopped in 2003, Matt Mullenweg, a young philosophy and political science major from the University of Houston, decided to fill in the void left by the software by bringing it up to current web standards and continuing its development independently. Thus, the seeds for what would become WordPress was laid out.l He was then joined in this endeavor by developers Mike Little and Michel Valdrighi (who was also part of the team that initially developed b2). By 2005, WordPress was enjoying immense popularity among blogging communities and the whole online community in general.

Why is WordPress so Popular?

1. It accommodates both casual and professional users.

WordPress is both a blogging platform and a content management system. For bloggers who merely want an outlet for their thoughts and don’t want to delve in deep in the world of website development, WordPress can easily accommodate them- no coding skills necessary. All they need to do is to sign up for an account on, go through a quick set-up for their blog’s appearance, and voila! Instant blog in just a few minutes. The learning curve here is close to zero.

For users who want a bit more control over how their website looks and runs, they can opt to download the whole WordPress framework on their machines and host their own sites by themselves. read more…

Our Three Favorite Premium (Paid) WordPress Themes with Examples

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Whether you are a seasoned WordPress veteran or just a beginner, the one thing that can be more agonizing than anything is picking the right WordPress theme.  Countless hours have been wasted by developers for years mulling over the right theme for themselves or their clients.  At the end of the day, there are plenty of good free themes out there, but nothing will really compare to the support and versatility that you get from using a paid for premium theme.  Below we’ve broken down three of our favorite premium themes and provided you a few live examples so you can see them in action.  Checkout our 10 amazing tips that will help you design your WordPress site once you figure out what theme is best for your setup.

Divi by ElegantThemes:  We use the Divi template on our site due to the ability to modify the site and provide multiple layouts of all different types.  The pagebuilder is an amazing tool that can be used for both pages and posts.  I will say that if you plan on swapping themes in the future, the code that Divi installs makes it less user friendly in the event of a theme change.  But few themes out there give you the bang for your buck that you get when you subscribe to Elegant Themes package for a yearly subscription.  If you upgrade to the premium membership (believe it runs around 80.00 USD) then you also get access to their plugins. A few great example sites besides this one are below.

Eleven40Pro by StudioPress:  Eleven40Pro is an extremely popular Genesis based them that popular amongst minimalist bloggers due to it’s sleek back end and very mobile friendly layout.  It offers a lot of fantastic options and Genesis is one of the most customizable frameworks  out there on the market today for any WordPress site.  It will not provide you with the flexibility that Divi does, but it’s a great blogging platform and the Support from StudioPress is top notch.  Below are a few live examples to check out.

read more…

10 Amazing Tips on Designing your WordPress Blog

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WordPress blog design can be as simple as installing your favorite theme or template and adding a few attractive widgets. However, if you want to take blogging seriously and you want to transform your WordPress site into a cash machine, you need to learn how to make your site visually stand out. Once you understand the basic principles of design, you can use these tips to design a stellar website that becomes a point of attraction to millions of potential customers.

It is pointless to have amazing content on your WordPress site if the design is not appealing enough.

Here are 10 great tips for beginning web design that could be a game-changer for you.

  1. Color your Customers’ World

Keep in mind that when users enter your website, they enter your own universe. You can invite them to step into a world of color using color functions on a subliminal level that speak directly to them. Great color choice creates expectations and satisfies tastes. To color your customers’ world, use an accent color that stands out and choose a limited color palette.

  1. Use a Maximum of 3 Fonts

One font for your logo, one for your headlines and another one for your content should suffice. Too many fonts will make your blog look messy.

  1. Make the Most out of Shadows, Gradients and Textures

Bluntly speaking, web design is similar to makeup. You can use subtle gradient, textures and shadows to enhance the appearance of your page design and create a masterpiece appreciated by Internet users.

  1. Use Images to Tell your Story

Today it is easier than ever to choose the right images to complement your words. You can either go with inexpensive images from, or other online platforms that sells images. You don’t even have to use the image you buy or download online as it is. You can use a free image editor, such as and customize your images in order to complement your overall website design.

Attractive and well-positioned images will always draw attention and spike interest, so make the most out of this inexpensive tool and discover how to easily communicate on a different level than words.

  1. Choose Fonts that Reflect your Brand Personality

Customizing your own fonts might take a little while, but in the end it is worth it. When you choose fonts that reflect your own personality, your WordPress blog becomes more valuable and believable. To choose the right custom fonts for your content, you can either use the free Google Font API ( or pay for a complex service like Typekit ( read more…

5 Reasons Why WordPress Templates Are Great For Beginners

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Did you know that WordPress powers over 22% of all the websites on the internet? Or that there are thousands of WordPress templates to choose from for your website? If you’ve ever considered using a WordPress template, you’ve come to the right place. WordPress is a great platform for anyone who wants to create a personal or business website quickly. You can choose from a wide range of design features, and incorporate your social media accounts, graphics, videos, and images. That’s why WordPress templates are great for beginners – you don’t need to know a lot about how to design a website in order to get started. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a WordPress template for your site.

1. Choice of designs

The first thing you will notice about WordPress is the wide range of different designs available. In fact, there are currently over 2,600 themes and over 31,000 plugins that are available for free. You will be able to download and install these onto your website with ease – ideal if you want to improve the overall appearance of your website. In today’s world, people are becoming increasingly visual, and will often make a judgement about your website based on its layout and design. If you run a small business, you will want to attract as many customers as you can in order to sell a product or service. That’s where website design comes in – you will want an attractive design that instantly catches the eye and guides your customers through the rest of the site. With WordPress, you will be able to choose a template that best suits your business, and can then add plugins to improve the functionality of your pages.

2. Free customer support

Many people are scared to take the plunge and switch to WordPress because they fear they might have technical difficulty when implementing a new template. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. WordPress is a type of open source software, which places a greater emphasis on community. That means there are a number of volunteers and consultants who actively maintain templates and plugins, and provide excellent customer support. Whether you have a question about how to create a new theme, implement a template into the body of you website, or update a feature, someone will be able to help. You will be able to free support from other WordPress members, and once you have mastered the basics, you can even provide support to other users yourself. read more…