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Whether you are a seasoned WordPress veteran or just a beginner, the one thing that can be more agonizing than anything is picking the right WordPress theme.  Countless hours have been wasted by developers for years mulling over the right theme for themselves or their clients.  At the end of the day, there are plenty of good free themes out there, but nothing will really compare to the support and versatility that you get from using a paid for premium theme.  Below we’ve broken down three of our favorite premium themes and provided you a few live examples so you can see them in action.  Checkout our 10 amazing tips that will help you design your WordPress site once you figure out what theme is best for your setup.

Divi by ElegantThemes:  We use the Divi template on our site due to the ability to modify the site and provide multiple layouts of all different types.  The pagebuilder is an amazing tool that can be used for both pages and posts.  I will say that if you plan on swapping themes in the future, the code that Divi installs makes it less user friendly in the event of a theme change.  But few themes out there give you the bang for your buck that you get when you subscribe to Elegant Themes package for a yearly subscription.  If you upgrade to the premium membership (believe it runs around 80.00 USD) then you also get access to their plugins. A few great example sites besides this one are below.

Eleven40Pro by StudioPress:  Eleven40Pro is an extremely popular Genesis based them that popular amongst minimalist bloggers due to it’s sleek back end and very mobile friendly layout.  It offers a lot of fantastic options and Genesis is one of the most customizable frameworks  out there on the market today for any WordPress site.  It will not provide you with the flexibility that Divi does, but it’s a great blogging platform and the Support from StudioPress is top notch.  Below are a few live examples to check out.

X by ThemeCo:  One of the newer hot themes (one of ThemeForest.net’s best sellers) is the X Theme by ThemeCo.  Similar to Divi, it has a lot of great layouts that you can use and it’s pretty user friendly.  It does have some built in shortcodes that I could live without, but the options and different types of presentation that this theme allows are top notch.  Overall, this is a great theme if you are a beginner or a vet.  Below are a few more great examples.

  • Murfreesborough Half:  Website dedicated to the Murfreesborough half marathon.
  • Farmshare.org:  Site dedicated to neutralizing hunger in the state of Florida by getting food from farmers and distributing it to the less fortunate.

Conclusion & Advice:

Any one of these themes will do wonders for your future site.  We obviously have our preferences (again, we built this site with Divi) but the reality is that if you want to make a significant mark out there in the online world, you need to make sure that you have a premium theme that can stand the test of time.  These three themes are pretty user friendly and should allow you to be extremely versatile for a long time without picking up the added cost of hiring a website designer.